Things You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Things You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you the not-so-proud owner of your tattoo? Well, laser tattoo removal treatment is here to rescue you. Nowadays laser treatment is quite a big trend for those who want those tattoo ink to be removed from their body. We all know the tattoo is designed by embedding ink inside the skin and this laser treatment bursts those ink molecules into the tinier pieces to fade the tattoo away. There are a number of clinics which offer laser tattoo removal in Hornchurch and promises for better results. If you have decided to say “Yes” to this treatment to get rid of the tattoo then it’s good to vast your knowledge about laser tattoo removal. 


In this blog, we have mentioned points that one should know about laser tattoo removal. Take a look-


Process Involves Laser


The process of laser tattoo removal is based on a technique which is known as photothermolysis. The procedure has the involvement of a laser that works effectively on the ink of the tattoo. The machine is used from which the laser is fired on the ink particles and absorbs its spectrum. The more and more the ink particles soak the laser light, it will cause the temperature to boost which doesn’t harm your tissues. The laser breaks down the ink particles which can be easily eliminated by your body’s internal mechanism over time. 


Around 6-10 Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions are Necessary


The number of sessions depends on the density of the tattoo. On average, around 6-10 tattoo removal sessions are needed to remove each tattoo. The gap between the sessions is around 4 weeks which is essential for any type of skin to heal. Most of the people have a misconception about the treatment that it works faster. But for the quicker results, you have to get a tattoo treat 3 times per session after every 20 minutes. Laser tattoo removal is a quick treatment method that requires around 10 minutes per session. 


Follow All Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Tips


The treatment also holds the after-effects that include blisters around the tattoo, skin inflammation, bleeding, & irritation in the treatment area. So, it is important to follow some aftercare tips to prevent such skin issues. After every session, ask your doctor for the after-care tips as it will help you to get better results. Never try to treat these problems on your own. 


Not Ideal for Everyone


Yes, laser tattoo removal treatment is not ideal for everyone. You have to consider several things before getting this treatment. Take a look at the below-listed points-


  • Your overall health is important. You shouldn’t have an infection in or near the treatment area.
  • No medical history
  • You shouldn’t be pregnant
  • The treatment is ideal for those who can follow aftercare instructions. 


The above-listed points are a few of the things that one should know about laser tattoo removal. We also suggest you consult your doctor time by time for quicker and better results. 


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