Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Benefits

Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Benefits

Plasma fibroblast treatment, also known as the plasma pen treatment is a laser skin procedure. It is carried out by professional aestheticians and skin specialists in highly controlled and expert surroundings.

How is plasma fibroblast treatment done?

The procedure happens when the skin tissue is introduced to artificial laser heat. The heat permits the skin to rapidly contract. This disrupts the natural structure of the skin as well as the skin fibrosis. This process helps to activate essential components in the skin such as collagen and elastin. The process of neocollagenesis helps to promote the natural improvement of the skin by activating essential skin proteins such as cytokines and fibroblasts.

What happens to the excess skin?

One of the most common things that people wonder about is the excess skin that is left behind after the skin tissue contracts. This is considered as the dead or damaged skin layer which naturally falls off after becoming dry. It almost looks like dried dandruff when it comes off the skin.

Common uses of the treatment

The treatment is known for its multipurpose diversity of applications. It is used for more than only the skin on the face. To say the least, here are some of the most common uses of this treatment.

  • Facelift
  • Skin tightening
  • Scar removals
  • Tattoo removals
  • Stretch marks removals
  • Removal of acne and acne spots
  • Jawline definition
  • Fine lines and wrinkles removal

Is the process painful?

One of the most common questions that every person has before going in for any kind of skin treatment is whether it hurts. This is because there is a general belief surrounding skin treatments that they are extremely painful and agonizing. Whilst this is true for most skin procedures, plasma fibroblast treatment takes pride in being different than other treatment. It is a non-painful process and does not cause any pain to the patient. Yes, there is a fair amount of unease and discomfort included in the process but definitely no pain.

What is the recovery time?

Recovery time is very less, only up to 4 weeks for the final results to appear. But you can actually notice the immediate difference as soon as the procedure is finished. Hence, the results are actually immediate and the recovery time is minimal. Let’s not forget that the recovery time can actually vary depending on a few factors such as skin type. Certain skin types take longer to heal. The amount of damage that is being treated also specifies the recovery time. A smaller scar can be treated in one session and will take no longer than 2 weeks to heal. However, more damage would mean more time.

Benefits of the plasma fibroblast treatment

The popularity of this treatment highly depends on the fact that it is such a diverse and versatile procedure. 100% non-invasive and non-surgical, the plasma fibroblast treatment has more than one benefit to offer. Read ahead in this article to explore its top benefits.

Benefit 1: Non-surgical procedure

The first benefit of plasma fibroblast Essex treatment is that it is a 100% non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. There are no cuts that made on the skin. The skin is made to interact with zero chemicals and there are no injections made into the skin as well. No use of any surgical instruments on the skin during the procedure promise ease and comfort for many people from the get-go.

Benefit 2: Results are immediate

In all surgical skin procedures, the results take minimally 4 weeks to show. One of the biggest benefits of plasma fibroblast treatment is that the results appear immediately. Of course, there is a recovery time of up to 6 weeks that is involved for the complete results to appear but there is a noticeable change that you can notice right away after the treatment completes.

Benefit 3: Plasma fibroblast treatment slows down process of aging

Usually skin procedures like Botox and fillers are used to improve the quality of your skin for the time being only. However, the plasma fibroblast treatment not only improves the quality of the skin but also slows down the natural process of aging indefinitely. This is because the treatment promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin layers. Both of these natural compounds help to reverse the signs of aging by fighting dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefit 4: Side effects are minimal

One of the most promising things about the plasma fibroblast Essex treatment is that it has minimal side effects. The downtime for other skin treatments is up to 2 weeks. However, the side effects associated with plasma fibrosis treatment do not take more than 3 to 5 days to go away. Common side effects only include puffiness, redness and swelling over treated area.

Benefit 5: Plasma fibroblast treatment is a speedy procedure

One of the many benefits that we definitely want to mention here is the time length required for one procedure to complete. In most cases, skin treatments take a very long time and can last up to 12-16 hours! However, this treatment is as quick as it gets – which comes across as a pleasant surprise for most people. Whilst the actual time length of the procedure can vary person to person, on an average count the procedure does not take more than half an hour. 30 minutes and you are done. This is basically one of the reasons why people prefer going in for multiple sessions for this particular treatment.

Benefit 6: Effectiveness is guaranteed

The effectiveness of this treatment is guaranteed. You are never putting your money on risk by opting for this skin procedure. As mentioned above, you will notice a visible change right after the first session ends and the results will become clearer and more obvious as recovery time completes. However, for best and long-lasting results, skin experts recommend that you undergo at least 4 to 6 sessions of this treatment.

Benefit 7: Procedure is pain-free

One of the biggest perks of this procedure that attracts a wide range of audience is the fact that it is pain-free. Skin procedures are usually considered to be very painful and excruciating processes. However, such is not the case with plasma fibroblast treatment. The procedure is 100% pain-free. You might experience a feeling of discomfort as the laser runs over your skin. But it feels more like a snail crawling over your skin and making you feel weird. However, there is no pain involved and no part of your treated skin hurts during or after the treatment.

Benefit 8: More than one application

The biggest benefit of this treatment is its multipurpose application. So far you must have understood how effective and helpful this skin procedure is for many reasons. It is very precise too. The precision and accuracy involved with the procedure makes it a highly versatile skin treatment procedure as well. It certainly has more than a single application. Its effectiveness and versatility not only makes it an effective skin treatment for the face but is also used for other parts of the body as well. Common applications – in addition to face skin tightening – include tattoo removal, scar removal, jawline tightening, breast lifts, stretch marks removal and crow feet’s removal.


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