Laser Tattoo Removal Essex

Tattoos are cool, this is something we’ve all thought about at some part of our lives. Some of us were even courageous enough to get one or two. Tattoos are considered to be an art form and even in history and certain cultures, do we find the use of tattoos to express thoughts and ideas. However, its not all sunshine and rainbows with tattoos all the time and sometimes you end up with a tattoo you later regret. Something you might have gotten when you were drunk or you tattooed the name of the person you were dating and later ended up breaking up with them. In any case, you need to get rid of this tattoo and fortunately for you, tattoo removal exists.

No doubt you have already searched up terms like tattoo removal Essex or skin clinic Essex already before reading this article, seeing as you live in the area, and have already come up with a few places that offer laser tattoo removal. But before you can go ahead and book an appointment, you want to know more about it. Well first of, you shouldn’t take this lightly as one shouldn’t take tattoos lightly in the first place. It’s a very permanent solution to a very a permanent problem and you need to be sure, absolutely sure, before you can proceed with a laser tattoo removal Essex provides.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

First off, you need to understand what goes in the tattoo ink itself. There is more than color and pigments in the ink, in fact tattoo ink tends to be a made of several compounds from heavy metals. These heavy metals can contain metals like lead, copper, manganese, etc. Some of the red tattoo inks can also contain mercury as well. These heavy metals is what gives the ink its permanence. But due to the nature of these inks, and the things added in them, some people can have allergic reactions and get conditions like eczema or substantial amounts of scarring. Actually, as soon as the needle makes contact with your skin, your immune system is working to destroy the ink particles. It recognizes them as foreign intruders and your white blood cells are working to take these particles to your liver where they are processed and expelled from the body. But in most cases, the particles are much bigger than the blood cells and so they stay.

But that doesn’t show how a laser tattoo removal done at one of the best skin clinics essex, has to do with any of this information? Well, the laser actually breaks the larger parts down. These lasers are also called Q-switch lasers, and are extremely hot and operate in a very narrow frequency and they operate extremely fast. We’re talking working on the scale of picoseconds. This speed and heat is integral to cracking the ink particles apart, the speed and heat work in such a way that half of the particle expands due to thermal expansion whereas the other half remains cool. This change in temperature forces the particles to rip in half and break apart. This process is more formally known as photo thermolysis. It is also used in laser hair removal.

What happens to the broken up particles then, you may ask? Well, seeing as the white blood cells were already trying to take them away, the laser broke them down into smaller pieces and made their job a whole lot easier. And then they are transported to the liver where they are processed and sent forward. A laser tattoo removal Essex provides, much like this one, might be simple and easy on paper but it is a long, painful and expensive process. In some cases several rounds are required and can cause scarring. But that depends on the size of the tattoo and the ink used. Darker pigments are easily removed at many of the skin clinics Essex provides but lighter pigments are more reflective and are harder to remove.

Why does it work?

Well, the answer to this question has been given before. The particular interval at which the laser fluctuates, the intense heat of the beam and the cooling of the particles right after being exposed to it break them down into much smaller pieces. Then it’s the body’s natural defense mechanism that takes these particles for processing and the tattoo is no more.

But be cautious as it is no small thing. Its even more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place, the burn and the laser temperature doesn’t burn the tissue and the skin, but the energy from the laser transforms itself into a shockwave. The laser is only focused on the ink in the skin and only those particles are destroyed, but the pain is still felt and is even more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place. But the pain only lasts for a few seconds. There a few complications that can arise from laser tattoo removal that include but are not limited to, blistering, swelling, raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, redness and temporary darkness. However, the good news is that they are all temporary and usually subside without a couple of weeks. But if the symptoms persist or get worse, immediately contact a doctor. But in extreme cases, you can face hyper pigmentation where the skin turns darker or lighter. Also the burns can become infected so you need to take extra care in this department.

For some, the appeal of tattoos might be hard to deny. But when it comes to tattoo removal, it might be better to choose wisely and be sure about what you want before diving in front of the needle. Always think twoce before getting a tattoo and even more so when getting a tattoo removal Essex provides. It may not be a permanent commitment now, but its still very serious and it should not be taken lightly under any circumstance.

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