Get the VIP treatment with luxury 24k gold facial

Get the VIP treatment with luxury 24k gold facial

The world of beauty and fashion has been recently stirred up with the facial treatment known as the 24k Gold Facial. The 24k Gold Facial was only used by celebrities but now it has entered the mainstream market and is considered as a luxury product. Afterall, using gold as a skin care product is something that most of us can’t imagine. What is interesting is the fact that gold was being used as a facial product centuries ago by the Egyptians as well as the Romans. So, there is something that is definitely worth noticing when it comes to the benefits of 24k gold facial Essex. If you’re looking to get a VIP Treatment with luxury 24k gold facial then your search will end today. As we have developed quite a name for ourselves in this industry and we’ll make sure that your skin is taken care of.


Three Main Ingredients:


24k Gold Facial Essex is composed of numerous ingredients when it comes to the component of Gold itself. However, the fact is that the treatment is composed of three main ingredients listed below:


24K Gold:

Known since the times of the Egyptians for its amazing benefits to the skin. 24K gold itself holds value in terms of creating a bright glow, anti-aging factors and health of your face.


Colloidal Gold:

Colloidal Gold is the element that turns gold into a fluid like liquid. The end-result of dissolving gold in a fluid usually water makes it usable for the purposes of applying it on the skin.


Celebrity Usage:


We all know how celebrities are always using 24K gold facial. The most common reason is that due Gold’s anti-inflammation and anti-aging properties, the facial can give them a prolonged career. As factors such as production of more elastin can really induce a glow that stands out from the rest of facial treatments. And yes, 24k Gold Facial Essex might be an expensive treatment as its VIP but one cannot forget the fact that it really does wonders to your skin.


Here are some of the reasons of the VIP treatment with luxury 24k gold facial Essex:


1- Skin Cell Stimulation:


Gold is an element that has properties of ions that can cause skin cell stimulation. One of the best ways of improving blood circulation is actually through a 24k gold facial Essex. As it can really lighten up your face with skin cell stimulation. This entire process stimulates skin cells and affects positively in your veins and arteries. Thus, increase metabolism and giving you a healthy skin.


2- Prevention of Premature Aging:


The biggest benefit of the 24k gold facial Essex is the fact that it prevents premature aging. As mentioned before, the facial treatment will increase your metabolism rate and if your skin is dry it can reduce or maybe completely prevent premature skin aging. So, if you’re looking to treat dry skin and achieve a marvellous glow. Then the 24k gold facial treatment is perhaps one of the most viable options out there.


3- Wrinkles, Spots and Fine Lines:


The very reason why people get facial treatments is because they want to remove wrinkles, spots and fine lines from their face. It is the wish of each woman that their face is free from such things. The 24k gold facial Essex is applied precisely due to this reason. As Gold is an element that when applied on the skin, the skin’s basal cells get activated. The basal cells when activated makes the skin more prone towards elasticity which ultimately removes blemishes, wrinkles, spots and fine lines.


4- Sun Damage:


Ozone depletion rate is on the highest these days and with it, sun damage comes which can lead to blemishes and even cancer. 24k Gold Facial essex can be vital in fending off rays that cause sun damage to the skin.


5- Acne:


As gold contains anti-oxidation properties as it actively produces a higher rate of metabolism. This in turn reduces prevents acne to form on the skin. Also, the same anti-oxidation properties allow your skin to fight from ulcers and inflammation. For some people acne can be a lifelong problem and 24k Gold Facial Essex might be the perfect solution of reducing it to a favorable extent.


6- Prevents Sagging of Skin:


Skin tends to sag after a while in women and the main purpose is due to the fact that it loses elasticity. This primarily happens due to the fact that elastin in skin decreases which ultimately reduces elasticity. The usage of gold in such situations can be seen as viable as it increase elastin and reduces sagging of the skin. Elasticity of the skin is a huge factor in terms of skin sag prevention as it contributes to the overall appeal of the skin as well.




24k Gold Facial Essex is your number one opportunity to feel a glow and health of your skin in the most amazing way. The benefits of gold on your skin are well-documented and known since the times of ancient Egyptians. Hence, we should trust the research and instead of taking the route of low cost skin treatments. We should focus more towards a permanent fix that is only present within the VIP treatment of 24k gold facial Essex. The best part is that our physicians are fully trained in the treatment and you will get the absolute best!

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