Gummy Smile Treatment

What is Gummy Smile Treatment?

Where you have an overgrowth of tissue that covers too much of your teeth this can result in a gummy smile (this is a common cause of the condition).   This gives the impression that your teeth are too short because the gum is covering more of the enamel.  Increased gum tissue can arise due a genetic inheritance, medication and also inflammation of the gum tissue

Botox is used to treat this condition that can assist with reducing the overly gummy smile as the botox add volume to the lips and help cover the gums.  They may well help to reduce the fine lines on a temporary basis above the lips.


Muscle relaxing injections are performed to relax the muscles which lift the upper lip. This will cause the upper lip to disguise the “gumminess” of the smile, creating a much more beautiful appearance.

The treatment is safe and there have been no permanent side effects reported for Gummy Smile Treatment using Injectable Muscle Relaxants. Most patients will have the treatment regularly, and for many years without ever encountering an issue.

No unsightly scar no scalpel or stitches involved.

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Treatment & Downtime

The patient will start to notice an improvement or lowering of the upper lip within 2-8 days. The maximal result will be visible at 4 weeks after the treatment.

There may be bruising at the injection site. If there is an underdose, then the gummy smile will only be partially corrected and a second treatment will be required. The dose will be adjusted on subsequent treatments.

If there is an overdose, the cutaneous upper lip (the skin between the bottom of your nose and your pink lip), may be overly elongated, and the patients speaking, eating and smiling may be affected. These side effects are uncommon, because conservative doses should always be used in first treatments.


Treatment – £140