Fraxel Laser Treatment

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Laser treatments have come into popularity over the last few years. Despite of the fact that much propaganda was made in the beginning that they are damaging to a person’s skin, laser treatments have effectively treated various skin problems like sun damage, acne and skin pigmentations. In simple terms laser can be defined as an optical amplified light that has the ability to treat skin damage. There are various forms of laser treatments and people prefer mostly based on their experiences or by the word of mouth. Laser treatments also involve laser surgery where with the help of a laser beam a certain tissue that is to be eradicated is cut out from the skin. One of the most popular laser treatment is the Fraxel Laser Treatment. Today’s blog will help you to find out why Fraxel Laser Treatment is the most optimal solution for treating damaged skin.

Fraxel Laser Treatement is basically associated with skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing implies that regardless of the kind of skin or color, the laser treatment can be used to change the texture of the skin. As long as we’re talking about the texture of the skin, we see that a person might want to resurface its skin because of acne, sun damage or skin pigmentation. Skin resurfacing through fraxel laser treatment is an optimal solution because firstly it is an FDA approved fractional skin laser treatment. Secondly, the fraxel laser treatment works on the principle skin resurfacing.

Now, in order to understand how it really works, the Fraxel laser treatment deceits your current skin and forces it to reproduce new skin. This is an effective technique because no harm is essentially being put in. Rather, your older skin is simply being replaced by a newer layer of skin. Those specific areas where the skin is damaged will be naturally rejuvenated and hence a newer layer of skin will appear. This new layer of skin not only enhances your appearance but also makes you look younger. Many laser treatments have side effects but Fraxel Laser technology is different because it relies more on natural treatment of your skin. In simple terms, Fraxel laser isn’t even treating your damaged skin but is simply replacing it with a new skin layer.

In cases of actinic keratosis which is a pre-cancerous skin condition the use of Fraxel Laser technology is quite common. This is not surprising as we have mentioned before that it doesn’t treat damaged skin, rather it replaces older skin with a newer layer of skin that makes you look younger. FDA approved Fraxel Laser Treatment is a non-invasive and completely safe method of treating your skin and does wonders to your damaged skin.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you the Right Candidate for Fraxel Laser Treatment?

The question can be answered by yourself quite easily. If you have damaged skin and it doesn’t have any sort of allergies then you are eligible for Fraxel Laser Treatment. Any skin ailments like acne, scars and decolouration are all treated.

How Many Fraxel Treatment Sessions do you require?

Fraxel Treatment sessions largely vary upon the kind of damage that is being treated. Normally, it takes around 4-6 sessions that are covered in a period of 5-6 weeks. The treatment process in rare cases can be increased depending on the amount of time needed to treat a patient with a specific skin condition.

How long do I have to wait for the results to come in?

Fraxel Laser treatment works in two phases. The first phase starts as soon as the process of the treatment is completed. You will feel that you have a much softer skin as before and if you have any scars or acne it will be minimized to a certain extent. The second phase starts after awhile as it is progressive. It might take upto months to achieve full results of Fraxel Laser Treatment.

Is Fraxel Treatment hurtful?

Most people who ponder going for Laser treatment are afraid that it will hurt. It is true that Fraxel treatment does hurt but it can be minimized significantly by using creams. On the other hand, after the process of treatment is complete a burning sensation on the skin is felt by most people.

Are there any Side effects?

As it is an FDA approved method of treatment one thing can be guaranteed that it is not harmful for the human body in any case. But there are menial side effects of the treatment. The first and foremost is the fact that the treated areas will appear red. Along with the redness of the skin a substantial amount of swelling would also be felt by the patient. Normally, it takes a few days for the side effects to disappear.

How can I take Care of my Skin?

After the treatment process is complete there are certain ways through which you should take care of your skin to attain maximum results in the future. We believe that moisturizers and lotions should be regularly use in the initial few days.

Treatment Video

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The Treatment

Fraxel Laser Treatment is a culmination of various Fraxel techniques that are used to devise an appropriate laser treatment plan. As we know that each individual has a specific genetic makeup and color, Fraxel treatment affects different people in a versatile manner. There are numerous factors that Fraxel expert will take into account before actually starting the treatment. Besides treating damaged skin there are numerous benefits of Fraxel Laser treatment itself. It can obviously give you a fresher look regardless of your age. Acne scars or surgical scars will almost disappear. Fraxel Laser treatment is a revolutionary form of laser treatment as it works on the principals of laser treatment. Its optical beams penetrate beneath a skin’s surface and removes older cells and replaces it with new skin cells hence giving you a younger look.

Conditions Treated

Damaged Skin Treatment:

There are various skin problems that the Fraxel Laser Treatment can address. The treatments cover a wide range of skin damage problems. FDA has approved the following skin ailments that can be treated by Fraxel Laser Treatment:

Scars: As the Fraxel Laser Treatment works on the principle of skin resurfacing it can be used to treat scars. Any kind of scar that one might attained during surgery or an accident.

Large Pores: Large pores can occur naturally on a person’s skin which can be treated through Fraxel Laser Technology.

Wrinkles & Aging spots: All kind of wrinkles and age spots can be dealt with the help of Fraxel Laser Treatment.

Skin Pigmentation: Skin Pigmentation can lead to discoloration of the skin. The skin resurfacing procedure eradicates any kind of discoloration.

Acne Scars: Prolonged acne can permanently leave acne scars. Good news is that they aren’t permanent now as Fraxel Laser treatment can completely remove them.

Preorbital Wrinkles:

Forget about Botox in dealing lines or preorbital wrinkles as it makes your smile unnatural. Fraxel Laser can remove or minimize wrinkles in the most efficient manner while maintaining the natural look your skin deserves.

Actinic Keratoses:

Actinic Keratoses or AK as mentioned before is pre-cancerous skin condition and in some cases of AK Fraxel Laser Treatment is used.


With growing temperatures and our daily routines which involve a continuous commute outdoors we are bound to have damaged skin. And admit it or not, every one of us can be a victim to it and would love to have the skin when we were young. Fraxel laser technology is the epitome of everything that is right about skin care treatment through laser. It is safe to use, FDA approved and does wonders for our skin as we feel young once again!


Full Face – £1500
Half Face – £800

Area 1/4 Face – £400