Fat Dissolving Injections

What are Fat Dissolving Injections?

The history of fat dissolving injections actually goes back to the 1960’s, when European researchers began exploring the use of similar treatments to remove harmful fat deposits that were entering the respiratory systems of patients. By the 1980’s, similar types of chemicals were being used by professional bodybuilders to get a super-tight, super-cut look right before a competition. Now, fat dissolving injections have become so mainstream that you can get the treatment at high-end spas and wellness centers.

Fat dissolving injections are a cosmetic procedure in which chemicals are injected into troublesome areas on the body where fat tends to accumulate. This is a safe new nonsurgical alternative for anyone looking to melt away fat that has thus far been resistant to diet and exercise. For some, fat dissolving injections are a way to tighten and tone parts of their body that have started to sag with age. For others, the process is a way to walk away with a slimmer, more youthful-looking body.

Why is it best?

The best part about fat dissolving injections (also known as lipo dissolve therapy) is that they are nonsurgical and noninvasive, making them the perfect alternative to liposuction, the costly surgical procedure that comes with a known list of possible side-effects and dangers. The relative safety of fat dissolving injections is what makes them so popular with women looking to remove fat around the chin and neck area – since this area is filled with nerve endings, it has typically been an area that has been out of bounds for liposuction. But since lipo dissolve therapy is painless, noninvasive and nonsurgical, there simply are not the same risks involved.

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The Treatment

In many ways, fat dissolving injections simply replicate what your own body already does. The exact chemicals used in the process vary, but they are usually a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance found within your own digestive tract that aids in fat digestion. One popular combination, known as PC/DC, is a mix of phosphatidylcholine (PC) and sodium dioxycholate (DC). But different cosmetic treatments have their own trademarked names for this chemical substance.

When injected into subcutaneous fat, this chemical works much the same way – it goes to work breaking down the fat so that the body can eventually excrete it. Your body recognises this fat as a form of cellular waste, and it’s targeted by your circulatory and lymphatic systems for future removal. Since fat dissolving injections are used to target specific areas of the body, they are most useful for areas of stubborn fat that just won’t melt away with exercise and diet.


For both cosmetic and wellness reasons, fat dissolving injections can make a lot of sense. You can get rid of a sagging chin or neck, or you can melt away a belly that could put you at future risk of cardiovascular and heart disease. Either way, there is now a safe, reliable treatment available that can give you the appearance that you’ve wanted for so long while getting rid of troublesome fat at the same time.


In terms of downtime, there is little or no risk. Some patients report very minimal discomfort, but none of the pain or recovery time that would be required after a complex surgical operation.


Each Area – £200
(Double Chin, Belly, Bingo wings, Love handles)