Dissolving Fillers

What are dissolving fillers?

Dermal filler removal is an advanced procedure where a specially-formulated enzyme is used to selectively and precisely dissolve undesirable fillers. Following a small injection into the area to be corrected, the enzyme acts within minutes to dissolve the unwanted filler restoring the original facial contours. The desired level of removal can usually be achieved with careful monitoring of the enzyme, with larger doses resulting in complete elimination of the filler from the implantation site.If you have had dermal fillers placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly, then please visit us for a free consultation.

What are the main reasons for reversal/correction of dermal fillers?

  • Overdone lips and cheeks – Practitioners who are inexperienced commonly create overdone lips and cheeks. Lips or cheeks that are uneven or asymmetrical can be terribly upsetting and correction can be a key step towards looking – and feeling – normal again.
  • Lumps and bumps – Lumps are possible after any filler injection but they are not always a problem. Most lumps will go away with aggressive massage and even when they don’t go away completely, they are not usually visible. Lumps are most commonly seen in the lips, around the mouth, and under the eyes, and sometimes dissolving the filler is the only way to make a troublesome lump go away.
  •  Under-eye filler correction – Placing dermal fillers under the eyes is a very specialised treatment that should only be performed with the utmost care and precision by a skilled and experienced practitioner. This, unlike more commonly undertaken procedures such as laughter line fillers, is a harder and more delicate procedure. Under eye fillers or eye bag fillers can take a long time to dissolve and therefore rubbing the area alone may not be sufficient. If you feel that you have lumps under your eyes, or excessive bagginess caused by fillers or if you feel that your eye fillers have shifted, then we can correct them and dissolve them effectively.

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The easy reversibility of these commonly used dermal fillers provides a comforting safety margin that ensures such fillers are associated with almost no permanent adverse events or unwanted results. This benefit contrasts strongly with the inflexibility and irreversibility of permanent fillers. We offer a correction / removal service for patients that have received a dermal filler at another practise and are unhappy with the results.