Chin and Jawline Fillers

What are Chin and Jawline Fillers?

A more defined and sharp lower face is regarded as giving you that more youthful appearance and using dermal fillers to the jaw line and chin this look can be easily achieved.

It is non invasive and non surgical and gives the look that you desire without the long wait associated with surgery.

Whether it’s part of the natural ageing process and our skin loses support with a loss of structural proteins and facial fat, or we simply want to enhance the chin and jawline to achieve more a balanced profile, define a weaker jawline or simply correct asymmetries, there are a number of reasons why this is a popular treatment for both men and women.


Lift and reshape without the need for surgery by injecting special structural dermal filler in strategic places to provide similar effects without the downtime or risks of a surgical procedure. This treatment is ideally combined with our medical cryolipolysis and HIFU for maximum impact and sculpting.

A carefully selected dermal filler help patients achieve the following;

  • Strengthen and contour a non-defined “weak” jaw.
  • Assist with the appearance of jowls.
  • Add volume to jawlines that have lost structural support due to ageing.
  • Increasing jawline volume anywhere from the chin to the ear.
  • Correcting jawline asymmetry.
  • Create profile harmonisation by restoring balance.
  • Our clinics use only premium grade fillers.

No unsightly scar no scalpel or stitches involved.

Treatment Video

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Treatment & Downtime

Minimal, with most clients returning to their everyday activity.  There may be minor swelling but this can be disguised with make up.

Allergic reactions and significant vascular trauma are very infrequent. Minor, temporary side effects include temporary swelling and bruising at the site of injection.


Price depends on how many ML is used.