What is Carboxytherapy ?

Carboxytherapy, i.e., carbon dioxide therapy. Supports the processes of increasing the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin and development of blood vessels. Thanks to these processes, skin condition is quickly improved. The treatment involves injecting small doses of CO2 on the face, neck, cleavage, hands and other parts of the body that require intervention.

The treatment is a good solution for people who have problems with: cellulite, stretch marks, hair loss, dry skin, acne or people who wants to improve face shape.


The benefits of Carboxytherapy are multiple. The main one, we think, being that it’s a much safer alternative to other treatment options you may be considering. If you are thinking about having carboxytherapy for cellulite, for instance, another option you might be looking at is liposuction. In comparison with this procedure, carboxytherapy is a much safer option.

Unlike liposuction there are much fewer associated negative side effects when you treat cellulite with carboxytherapy. You won’t have to worry about possible lidocaine toxicity, internal puncturing, or potential kidney and/or heart issues. The only real carboxytherapy side effects are possible bruising at the site of your injections.

There are other benefits of Carboxytherapy too –

  1. It’s long-lasting – you’ll enjoy results for around six months
  2. It’s cheaper than other options
  3. It’s quick
  4. It’s non-invasive
  5. There’s no downtime

No unsightly scar no scalpel or stitches involved.

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Treatment & Downtime

Carboxytherapy consists of injecting small doses of pure carbon dioxide into all skin layers to a depth of about 1-10 mm with the help of microinjection with a special pistol. This is a safe method, minimally invasive, and most important — clinically proven.
The Julié Intelligent System selects the treatment parameters not only for the given indication, but also for its stage and level of advancement.
Thanks to the use of DHS®, the carboxytherapy procedure becomes more comfortable than ever before.
Double Heating System is an innovative mode of double heating carbon dioxide. It is a patented combination of an external and internal heating system. Choosing a Julié carboxytherapy gives you a guarantee of safety. The device has the required quality certificates, however, the quality of CO2 used during the treatment of CO2 — medical carbon dioxide with a purity 99.5%, makes us sure that the therapy will be safe and free of unwanted side effects.
Carboxytherapy gives quick and — most importantly — lasting results

The procedure consist of the receptors activation participating in the natural fat lipolysis, using a CO2 subcutaneous application. In addition, the capacity of blood vessels is increased, which results into more efficient work of the lymphatic system.
Carboxytherapy of fat and cellulite is a great alternative to classic liposuction, not burdened with complications accompanying the traditional method.
It’s recommended to perform several treatments at intervals of 7-14 days and once a year, a procedure that sustains the obtained effects.


Treatment – £350