What is Calf Reduction?

There are many reasons some calves can show a stubborn resistance to slim and tone. Bad eating, lack of exercise, and being overweight are of course common causes. However, most of the time it is our genes that determine our calf size.

It is recommended that you arrange a consultation to determine which is the treatment plan for your desired outcome. Treatment will also depend on whether the calf is caused by excess fat or muscle.  At this consultation you can raise your concerns ask questions and then the treatment option that will provide the best result can be determined.

Ultra-fine injections to both calf muscles causes the muscle fibres to shrink overtime. These injections can shrink the calf muscles by anywhere from 1-7cm and results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks!


The primary benefit of calf reduction is improved tone and definition of the lower legs. The appearance of the calf muscle is slimmed for an enhanced shape and more pronounced contours. Calf reduction can also improve the symmetry between the legs and the proportion of the calves in relation to the rest of the body. Patients typically experience a greater feeling of confidence, particularly in clothes such as shorts and swimsuits.

No unsightly scar no scalpel or stitches involved.

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Treatment & Downtime

Immediately following the procedure, the calves may feel stiff and sore. Some swelling and bruising is to be expected. Normal physical activities may be resumed a few days after the procedure. Clients can resume full activity in 5 to 7 days after the injections. However vigorous activities such as exercise should be delayed until about 2 weeks after the treatment. The results of calf reduction are visible immediately after the procedure, and they typically continue to improve as any residual swelling subsides. Some people may require more than one treatment to achieve their desired results.


Treatment – £480