Breast and Bum Vacuum Enlargement

What is breast and bum vacuum enlargement?


The treatment uses a combination of vacuum suction, rhythmic suction. vibration, micro electricity, RF and cream. The feeling is rather pleasant and stimulating. After the treatment you will notice larger more lifted breasts, which will continue to improve over a period of a few weeks. After three treatments you will notice the difference and so will others.


The procedure involves the use of vacuum to melt the fat pockets (those areas that are seen as dimply or lumpy areas in the buttocks) and re-position the malleable fat to lift the buttock contours.  The added benefits as well as giving the desirable look are that it reduces loose skin and cellulite from the buttock and thighs.   Any broken down fats that are in excess are disposed of naturally through the lymphatic system.


  • No injections
  • No knife, non-invasive
  • Great for breast health and it’s effective
  • No scars
  • Almost risk free, the risk really are so small compared to the surgical option
  • Nothing foreign in your body, to move or cause problems
  • No recovery time
  • Stop when you want
  • Low cost

No unsightly scar no scalpel or stitches involved.

Treatment Video

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Treatment & Downtime

The treatment is safe and very effective with no considerable downtime.


Treatment – £85