What is Botal Ex PRO Facial?

  • The world’s first. Freeze-dried forms of Botulinum-derived ingredient
  • In comparison with season 1, Botulinum-derived ingredient contents X5.
  • In comparison with season 1, Peptide contents X19.
  • In comparison with season 1, Types of peptides X3.
  • The world’s first patented Cell Penetrating-Botulinum derived ingredient.
  • Freeze-dried powder of botulinum-derived ingredient.
  • ICURE’s Novel Application of Freeze Crystallization.
  • Cell-Penetrating Botulinum-derived Ingredient (11 types of peptide powder).
  • Optimized formulation to increase the transdermal delivery system.
  • Fish Collagen Extract (France) 68%
  • No Purified Water 0%
  • 9 Patented Ingredients.
  • Patented Cell-Penetrating Botulinum Derived Ingredient.
  • Meditime’s Freeze-Dried Powder Type Ampoule.
  • Before the usage, Butulinum-derived ingredient of peptide powder mixed with ampoule: 1 bottle / recommend to utilize approximately 1-2 week.
  • ICURE’s CP-TDDS technology enhanced products.
  • Cell-Penetrating Transdermal Drug Delivery System.
  • Clinical Test is completed.
  • 6 types of wrinkle improvement (Reduction in wrinkle lines around eyes, neck, forehead, nasolabial folds and lines)
  • Lifting effect (Crow’s Feet, Corners of the Mouth, Above the lips)


Helps Collagen Reproduction :

Helps lifting for outer layer of skin :

Helps improvement on skin barrier :

Helps skin anti-aging in general


No synthetic ingredients, no additives :

No parabens, mineral oil, artificial colour, artificial flavour

No unsightly scar no scalpel or stitches involved.

Treatment Video

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Walk in walk out treatment.


Treatment – £150