The Ultimate 3-Step after Sun Skin Care Routine!

The Ultimate 3-Step after Sun Skin Care Routine!

Taking care of your skin during the summers should be on your list of priorities. Regardless of the gender or age, your skin is exposed to harsh sun, salt water, chlorine and sand other impurities. After splashing in the pool, or lounging by the beach all day for some time, the damage done to your skin can be reversible if you don’t take care of your skin. From cleaning, cleansing to moisturizing, here are three tips that will help protect your skin from prolonged sun exposure.

Cleese your skin from impurities

After the fun activities during the day, a good cleanse if what your skin needs. Often sunscreens have unavoidable summer sweat that leaves your skin less pristine. However, cleansing away the unwanted oil, dirt and all impurities from your skin leaves your skin feeling clean and comfortable. It also leaves your skin looking fabulous. So, instead of using only sunscreens, go ahead and cleanse your skin. Use your facial cleanser and please extend it to your body while showering.

Always moisturize your skin

The sun is an aggressor. After showering, use a little bit a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Facial cream and body lotions can act as moisturizers. Before you moisturize, don’t wait until the skin is dry. Make sure you apply a moisturizer when the skin is slightly damp will seal in the much-needed moisture.

Don’t forget your essential oils

Essential oils are great for sunburn relief. Since chlorine, sand, dirt and the sun act hand in hand to damage your skin, using essential oils provides natural relief from sunburns. There are a number of these oils you can use. Lavender oils reduce redness and the stings of burn. Peppermint oil is considered a painkiller or a natural analgesic. It soothes the damaged area and provides a cooling sensation. No matter the one you use, these oils are terrific when it comes to combatting sunburn and healing damaged skin.


Cleansing removes impurities. Moisturising helps keep your skin well moisturised, and essential oils have antioxidants and other microbial properties that speed up healing and allows your skin to recover. At Beauty Box By Maggie, we know the importance of taking care of your skin.

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